Ranger är ett ungt finskt band som spelar hårdrock man vill dricka öl och headbanga till. Jag har tidigare haft med en låt från deras demo Combat Metal i en omgång av Låtsnacket där deltagarna gillade vad de hörde. Så eftersom jag själv är förtjust i bandet och de även uppskattas av er läsare så fick jag till en kort intervju med bandet via e-post. Den här intervjun samordnades för några veckor sedan, vilket var innan bandet annonserades för ett gig på Muskelrock nästa år.

I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me here at the A Fair Judgement blog. Thank you!

RANGER: Cheers! Sorry for the late answer, we’ve been really busy gigging. We just got back from Live Evil festival in London.

I recently mentioned your tape Combat Metal here on A Fair Judgement. But for those who haven’t heard it or the band, could you give us some background information? What did you do before RANGER?

RANGER: Ranger was formed in late 2008 to satisfy our need to play HEAVY METAL!! We’ve played in other bands before but it was [with] Ranger when we really shifted to overdrive!


You released your first demos on cassette. How come you decided on that format? Will the demos ever be released on another format for fans who missed out on them during the first run?

RANGER: We recorded the demos on tape so it was just logical to keep them in the same format. Releasing a demo as a 7″ is too expensive, tapes are easier and way cheaper to duplicate. We lost count on how many copies of Combat Metal was made! The tapes will probably be released on a compilation next year.

You recently release your first vinyl release, Knights of Darkness, on Ektro Records. I have yet not heard it, how did the recording process go? What was the most important part of the process to get that true Ranger feeling? What are your influences?

RANGER: We recorded the MLP over two weekends at Black Floyd’s analog lab in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. The recording went really well and we’re really satisfied with the results!

A big part of getting the right feeling was the fact that the studio was in a small town two hour drive away, so nothing else to do there besides recording! The studio guys were really nice and the atmosphere was great.

Our biggest influence is HEAVY METAL with face melting lead guitars, Marshalls on full force and drums pounding like a freight train! Judas Priest rules!!

How has the reception of Knights of Darkness been?

RANGER: The reception has been really good, especially in the Finnish media!

What is it with the 80s sound that gets you young guys loving and wanting to play this kind of metal?

RANGER: I think that’s simply the only way to play metal!

I love the cover art on your new MLP, and the art on the shirts. Do you do the design by yourself or do you just take the concept and then go to someone else to get it done?

RANGER: Usually we have an idea and we work it out with our trusted artist Samu Salovaara. He has designed the cover for Combat Metal demo and the inner sleeve on Knights Of Darkness. Malakias, the artist who drew our logo has also done t-shirt designs for us.

The cover on the MLP was shot by Emma Grönqvist and we designed the photograph with her.

RANGER Live @ Turku, Klubi 9.11. - Ville Ruusunen (c)

RANGER Live @ Turku, Klubi 9.11. – Ville Ruusunen (c)

How is the finnish heavy metal scene looking today? Most of the bands that get recognized here in Sweden are the larger bands. Do you have any great venues to play at? Which bands are on the top of the scene in Finland?

RANGER: We have a lot of fans here and the shows are usually packed! There are a few good places to play here in Helsinki. Usually smaller bands play at bar Lepakkomies, where we have played most of our gigs in Helsinki.

The bands we’re most into are Speedtrap, Forced Kill, Foreseen and Lord Fist!

Do you try or do you have any plans to come to Sweden (maybe a tour in the larger cities) in the future?

RANGER: We’ll see all you Swedish headbangers on spring 2014!